Twenty-One Days to Freedom

In Twenty-One Days to Freedom, Dr. Cecil Wright clearly illustrates his ability to beat the odds. Using his life and the life experiences of the fifty-one men interviewed, Cecil has proven that when the human spirit is sparked with desire, it ignites a passionate fire that makes accomplishing your goals and aspirations inevitable. Through the tenets of patience and shameless perseverance, this book teaches us that we all have the ability to overcome circumstances as long as we keep our eyes on the ultimate prize. The pursuits of family, faith, and freedom are the essential elements that make every struggle endured worth the pain.



This book is designed to engage, educate, and empower the common person to pursue uncommon dreams with a determined spirit. More than a memoir, Twenty-One Days to Freedom offers enlightenment and encouragement.

Cecil shares with us the story of his journey—the road he traveled from undocumented immigrant to prominent citizen. I found every chapter in this book to be intriguing and inspiring; I’m sure you will too.

Dr. Cecil Wright for giving us all hope; God’s blessing is upon him. This book will change the lives of everyone impacted by the immigration system, but more so, it gives us insight on human courage and faith in the American dream.